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Continual Innovation:Electronic Cigarette Industry

Continual Innovation includes not only the technological innovation, but also the new materials, new processes, and management innovations.

Our goals are not only to pursue technological advances, but also to provide healthier and better products for our customers.

In terms of techno-innovation at Wiscoo, we guarantee not only our passion and dedication but also a highly advanced research and development team that consistently surpasses our customer's expectations. We have achieved technology breakthroughs in e-cigarettes and own more than 30 key patents in fundamental technology and design models through our continuous customer-centred innovation.

In the selection of materials: We insist on using new environmental protection materials to protect the health of customers.

In innovative management, we always insist on using least people to make the most satisfying products so that reducing the consumers' use-cost; thus We adopt internal research and cooperate with external scientific research institutions to realize the innovative management. So far, Wuhan University of Technology, China Tobacco International Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Hefei Institutes of Physical Science have participated in our product researches.

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