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  • G2 Pro Cartridge WT30
  • G2 Pro Cartridge WT30
  • G2 Pro Cartridge WT30
  • G2 Pro Cartridge WT30
  • G2 Pro Cartridge WT30

G2 Pro Cartridge WT30

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Product Details



Mouthpiece:plastic and metal are available



Thread:510 thread

Material:High transparent plastic and metal

Advantage Feature:

1. Ceramic rod design, no burning odor, better taste.

2. Compared with G2, the product is cleaner and no dust.

3  Oil plug, using double injection molding process, hard and soft combination, to achieve the best oil-blocking effect.

4. Product Internal contains no metal parts, more eco-friendly and healthier.

5. The product uses high temperature heating ceramics without any odor.

6. The product oil cup uses PCTG material and does not burst pipe.

7. Passed -25kpa negative pressure test to avoid oil leakage when climbing or on air plane.

8. The suitability of accurate 510 thread for different batteries on the market.

9. Anti-leaking and breathable cotton with high nanometer technology.

10.The product uses ceramic rods to guide oil, smooth, no dry burn, no odor.

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