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Wiscoo Electronics Company Limited was originally established in May 2013. Wiscoo launched vapecase collections in October 2013, which generated a huge response in the market. Its founder has been engaged in consumer Electronics industry from 2005 to 2012 in Shenzhen and held key posts like product manager, sales manager in Taiwan-funded and Hong Kong-funded enterprises and international trading companies. The founder had served many clients from European countries and USA, including Digital Product International(USA), MetroGroup(Germany), PPR(France), Carrefour(France), RadioShock(USA) and so on. These rich experience has played an important role in Wiscoo 's rapid growth.

From May 2013 to May 2014, Wiscoo gained 7 million dollars of revenues within one year and established stable ties with American Lotus Vaping Technology(Boise, Idaho). The high peak came at the beginning of May 2014 when the Lotus shareholders and American tobacco tycoon R.J. Reynolds delegates visited Wiscoo factory in Shenzhen for cooperation.

Wiscoo Electronics Company Limited

The critical year from 2014 to 2015 has witnessed a sudden profit drop in traditional Electronic cigarette industry and it was also a key year for industry regrouping. Many medium and small size e-cigarette factory closed down and meanwhile many American traditional e-cigarette clients encountered bankruptcy or transformation. The market tended toward more powerful branding companies. Despite such a difficult year, Wiscoo also gained some achievements. For example, Wiscoo developed the first intelligent box mod Jellyfish, the first 100 watt LE80 with super low cost, the first voltage adjustable mod Jellytwist, and the thinnest Jellyslice independently. At the same time, Wiscoo is also keenly aware of the fierce competitiveness in the industry. For example, the large scale companies like Kanger and Aspire, reduce their raw material costs by bulk production and increase their product distribution by money-lending. Their highest shipment quantity for a single product could reach as many as 500,000 pieces and its value could reach 10 million dollars. Wiscoo faced huge shocks despite continual innovation. Therefore, Wiscoo began to turn her eyes on CBD area from the end of 2015 and really made some breakthroughs. For example, Wiscoo invented filling machine customized for those CBD clients. Wiscoo is the first Chinese factory to invent the machine to meet the demands and it creates top sales turnover. Since in August 2014, we have sold as many as 50 filling machines in total to America and Canada. Wiscoo started to sell CBD oil atomizer as early as October 2013. Its first client is PV(Platinum Vape) and the boss of PV visited Wiscoo in that October. Wiscoo did not put its main research & development power in CBD area until the end of 2015, as we believed that the CBD atomizer were not technical challenge and would not be in market for a long time.

Witnessing the crazy rise in 2014 and 2015, we predicted the huge market potential.According to the statistics, there were 70 millions of revenues in American market in 2016. We also find that CBD atomizer requires stability and quality, and it is not as simple as expected. Considering the fierce competitiveness in traditional e-cigarette in 2016 and FDA's possible issuance of legislation, we sensitively perceived the future for traditional e-cigarette. Thus, we timely adjusted our holistic strategy to devote our energy to CBD & dry herb area. Our goals are the output of atomizers over 2,000,000, about 500,000 batteriesn monthly and the annual revenues over 20,000,000 dollars.

Maybe CBD area is new to you, or you are the first time to purchase goods from us by Alibaba, or you may contact our other sales representatives before, or you have already purchased our products. Maybe we did not pay enough attention to CBD area in the past few years and did not provide plentiful service available. But we will try our best to do it better in the future.

Thank you very much for your time for the promotion letter. It will be highly appreciated if you forward it to your decision-maker or person in charge and tell him that Wiscoo is back. We are now turning attention to CBD area and owning plenty of mature products and keeping developing new products.

We are also developing some customized innovative products for some of our regular clients to adapt to their oil and their local market. We are confident that our products will be very popular in your market in the days to come.

Here is the key data about us:

Factory area: 3000 SQM

Factory staff: 300 persons in total

Engineer team: 5 persons

Product control team: 10 persons

Graphic design: 3 persons

Sales representative: 20 persons

Defective rate: <5/1000

Monthly output: 2,000,000 atomizers & 500,000 batteries

Service scope: OEM/ODM, product design, logo design, manual design, packaging design etc.

Product tests: Thick oil testing, thin oil testing, high temperature testing, low temperature testing, vibration testing, alcohol testing, adhesion testing, smoke testing



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