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  • Bar WD-09
  • Bar WD-09
  • Bar WD-09

Bar WD-09

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Product Size: 13.2*8*81.5mm(0.3ml)   13.2*8*105mm(0.5ml)

Resistance Range:1.4~1.9  

Output Wattage:5W~10W

Tank Capacity:0.3ml/0.5ml                     

Battery Capacity:280mAh  

Tank Material: Transparent PC

Advantage Feature:

1. In addition to the product shell, no metal parts, eco-friendly, love the earth.

2. Unique shape, using antenna design, breaking the traditional design.

3. The top of the product buckle design, prevent children from touching.

4. Transparent design of the mouthpiece, simple, stylish.

5. Vertical ceramic heating system makes better taste.

6. A reasonable choice of battery resistance, A-brand battery power enough to finish smoke oil.

7. The company has its own product manufacturing philosophy and principles, and the quality of products are guaranteed. No excessive pursuit of large smoke volume, the sacrifice of the number of mouths.

8. After rigorous testing, silica gel and cigarette holder are tightly fit and will not fall off.

9. The product went through three months of market research and eight months of research ,development and testing.

10.Various appearance options, stainless steel, rubber paint, electroplating and so on.


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