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  • G2MAX Cartridge
  • G2MAX Cartridge
  • G2MAX Cartridge
  • G2MAX Cartridge
  • G2MAX Cartridge

G2MAX Cartridge

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Mouthpiece: plastic / metal / wood are available


Coil Type: Vertical Ceramic Coil


Thread:510 thread

Material: High transparent plastic


Advantage Feature:

1.Ceramic coil design, no burning odor, better taste.

2.Compared with G2, the product is cleaner and no glass fiber particles.

3.Passed -25kpa negative pressure test to avoid oil leakage when climbing or on air plane.

4.Vertical ceramic heating system makes better taste and more vapor production.

5.Using the center oil filling, the oil injection hole is 2.8mm, and the liquid level is clearly visible.

6.The tolerances of the internal hardware fittings of the products can be controlled within ±0.02mm.

7.The product uses ceramic coil to guide oil, smooth, no dry burn, no odor.

8.mouthpiece shape are customizable.

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